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Hello and Thank you for visiting Dental Tourism Vacations,  our  premier shuttle and medical tourism guide service.

 Did you know that dental tourism accounts for nearly half of all medical travel? 

 Last year several thousand people from various nationalities crossed the border into the Mexican town of Los Algodones for all manner of  restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and optometry, although you may be hearing this for the first time the town of Los Algodones is no secret to those seeking dental work. The town of Los Algodones has a longstanding reputation for employing  individuals  with the highest degrees of academic and professional standards.  and has been servicing the needs of travelers from all parts of the western hemisphere for decades.  In Los Algodones English is widely understood and spoken with fluency by all medical and dental professionals as the majority of the patients are from the U.S. and Canada. In certain cases  U.S dental insurance is accepted by various medical and dental practices in Los Algodones, this is something to look into on your visit to Los Algodones.

People often ask Why  Los Algodones of all places?

Dental procedures in Algodones are often 70% less, and most 75% less than most  of the procedures in the U.S and Canada.  Huge savings for the same quality of service!

Please see our Why You save page for further information.


Shuttle Service

We provide a safe and convenient shuttle service from Las Vegas, Mesquite, Lake  Havasu, Laughlin. and Bullhead City to Los Algodones, Mexico we will guide you through the border crossing without stress. We can also arrange pick ups in the surrounding areas,  if you don't see your specific location listed please contact us to inquire if we provide service to your location,.

We will also schedule transportation back through the Border to your home destination.

 Our guide is well versed in the procedure of your return through the immigration as you cross back into the USA through American and Mexican customs procedures. 

Please contact us with any questions that you have regarding  Border Crossing requirements.

If you have prior knowledge of Los Algodones you will not need this option, But for those that are first time visitors we  have a Guide service available for those who are not familiar with this quaint Mexican town and all its tourist facilities.

Personal Guide to Los Algodones

Many times we transport first time  We provide a personal Guide to Escort and familiarize you with the very best that Los Algodones has to offer. From Hotels and Restaurants to over 350 Dental  and Medical offices,  and our company can book your hotel room in advance and bring you to the Location you will be staying at for the duration of your stay in Los Algodones, Our Guide will be available to you during your stay, and For those who have never experienced travelling to Los Algodenes, there are many benefits to paying a visit. In addition to Great Dental and Optomology services You can experience excellent Mexican dining Establishments who can cater specifically to those who have had Dental procedures performed and may be in need of a specialized menu options, and fun times in the the town square where free entertainment is available, and a bar where a wide range of drink options are provided at  very reasonable rates, 

The Unique Shopping experience along the streets of Los Algodones is  a fun and exciting  for the Bargain  Hunter, and Unique items can be found at very reasonable prices throughout this quaint Mexican town, many visitors come to Los Algodones to do their Christmas shopping and have a fun weekend as they can save a great deal on a huge variety of items. 

What our customers are saying

I would personally recommend their Shuttle service to anyone looking to save on dental costs. Marcello was very helpful and knowledgeable. I can't wait to use them when I go back to get my crowns done in April!

Steven Boyer  - Henderson NV

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