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Reserve a seat.

In Order to reserve your seat for your trip to Los Algodones Please call 800 674 -9388 to speak to one of our customer services Representatives who can give you details of our Itinerary, so that you can make your  reservation at  time  that suits you.

Shuttle Service

We provide a safe and convenient shuttle service from Las Vegas, Mesquite, Lake Havasu, Laughlin. and Bullhead City to Los Algodones, Mexico we will guide you through the border crossing without stress. We can also arrange pick ups in the surrounding areas, if you don't see your specific location listed please contact us to inquire if we provide service to your location.

We will also schedule transportation back through the Border to your home destination at a discounted rate.

Our guide is well versed in the procedure of your return through the immigration as you cross back into the USA through American and Mexican customs procedures.

Please contact us with any questions that you have regarding your  border Crossing requirements. Remember If you do not see a date listed on our calendar that corresponds to your specific arrival or departure needs further arrangements can be made to the exact date time and location of your departure or arrival in Los Algodones for parties of three (3) or more 

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Tour Guide

Many times we transport first time visitors who do not have experience of  Los Algodones, and we can  provide a personal Guide to Escort and familiarize you with the very best that Los Algodones has to offer. From Hotels and Restaurants to over 350 Dental and Medical offices, and our company can book your hotel room in advance and bring you to the Location you will be staying at for the duration of your stay in Los Algodones, our Guide will be available to you during your stay, and For those who have never experienced travelling to Los Algodones, there are many benefits to paying a visit. If you have prior knowledge of Los Algodones you will not need this option, But for those that are first time visitors we have a Guide service available for those who are not familiar with this quaint Mexican town and all its tourist facilities.

What our customers are saying

Marcello was very pleasant and entertaining on our Journey, made the time go very quickly, thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Los Algodones,Got great Dental work at a fraction of the price. And had fun shopping and got some great bargains.

I had some great Mexican food at the wonderful Restaurants that were recommended  to  us by Marcello.

Dee Griffin- Las Vegas NV